David’s Plan

Building a better Westchester starts with electing a County Legislator who is committed to making government the most effective it can be. Local government is the single greatest factor separating the quality of life in a thriving community from a struggling one. It’s about making the right choices, being dedicated to the people, and finding ways to deliver results. You need to believe that government can work to get it to work.

That’s why David is the right choice for Westchester County. He’s running because he’s proven he can make a difference at the local level as a Village Trustee, and he wants to use that experience to make change for our whole trustee. As County Legislator, he’ll:

Fight for our children

David is the only public school parent in the race and is fully committed to taking aggressive action to help out families and kids. He firmly believes that every single community needs to have high-quality, local child care options available. When parents can work, they can succeed. And when kids receive high-quality early childhood education it pays dividends for the rest of their lives. This isn’t a cost: it’s an investment in the future of our community.

At the same time, we need more cultural opportunities and amenities in this part of Westchester County. That’s why David will work with local partners to create a new Children’s Museum in Valhalla to make our area even more welcoming.

Create jobs and job training

The best way to help our economy is to help workers get the skills they need to take on the jobs of the 21st Century. There are good-paying job opportunities available in the Hudson Valley for people with the right training and skills. Frequently, that training does not require advanced degrees or a long commitment of time but can done by having Westchester Community College in our district partner with employers to design specialized curriculum to quickly train up potential employees. Access to this talent and opportunity would help businesses locate in our area and ensure that everyone had the opportunity to succeed. There are existing partnerships and programs that can and should be expanded, including potentially through satellite campuses across northern Westchester to make it easier for people who are employed to get additional training.

Fix our physical infrastructure

We need an infrastructure expert in office to help us take advantage of the once-in-a-generation multi-trillion dollar infrastructure package being debated in Washington. It would give us funds to upgrade mass transit, roads, bridges, internet connectivity, our water system, improve buildings, and fund investments in green energy. David is a nationally recognized expert on public space planning, specifically for libraries, who can make sure that we are on the right track to make best use of any federal funds that become available.

Services for Seniors

Senior citizens deserve to live in dignity in the communities they helped build. Westchester and our local governments could be doing more to help seniors stay in their homes and live full, enriching lives. As a Village Trustee in Pleasantville David has been hard at work expanding services for seniors. Some of the lowest hanging fruit involved making sure that every single resident of our community has access to at least one culturally appropriate, healthy meal a day. We also need to ensure that there are plenty of opportunities for community -based activities and support, so that no one has to travel far to get the help they need and deserve.